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Bloomhouse 8 Inch Bread Knife made with Olive Wood and German Steel


Favored in home and professional kitchens, high-quality German steel cutlery yields a variety of cuts and textures - from mincing aromatics, dicing vegetables to filleting fish and chopping prime steaks. Suitable for everyday use, a German steel knife is rust-resistant and easy to clean, sharpen and maintain. The bloomhouse™ German Steel Bread Knife is forged with a purpose - to cut through thick crusts and pillowy crumbs with sharpness and precision. The full-tang blade provides balance and even weight distribution to reduce pressure and wrist fatigue. Sustainable Italian Olive Wood handle elevates the style of the knife by blending rustic design and utilitarian function. As a nod to our Earth's beauty and resilience, the wood handle features a rustic grained pattern in a natural, golden honeybrown color to add character to the knife. Stainless steel rivets secure the handle and the knife for a strong grip and improved control. Hand wash only. Keep the knife in the protective canvas sheath for safe storage and protection when not in use.

bloomhouse™ is a collection of modern-day kitchen and dining pieces that empower spirits, honor our Earth and celebrate its people. Driven by a responsible, nature-positive ethos, bloomhouse™ aspires to share a lifestyle that's good for you and good for the planet. With a mission rooted in purpose, bloomhouse™ will plant a tree on your behalf with every set sold in partnership with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

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